Stars: everything you need to know

from the very basic units in astronomy to learning about various processes in studying stars, here is everything that you need to know about stars.

Perseid meteor shower

list of meteor showers: 2019

In the first half of the year, a handful of meteor showers have occurred. Dont worry if you missed them, the real show starts in the second half of 2019.

beautiful night sky

Astronomical Instruments and their uses

Stars participating in their little constellation drama, galaxies spiraling art, oh and there comes the spotlight, the moon, planets, clusters, nebulae, the sparkling fireworks, the meteorites and just so much more we don’t even know.


Surviving Space With Tardigrades

A European team of researchers had sent a bunch of living tardigrades to orbit the earth by putting them on the outside of a FOTON – M3 rocket for 10 days. When returned back to earth it was seen that 68% of the tardigrades that were sent to space actually survived.