About Us

Hey there! welcome to Astronomiac. 

we love to learn about space!
And the fact that you reached here and are reading this with so much attention probably means even you are like us.
Oh we completely understand you, our cosmos never leaves a chance in mesmerizing us, hiding within it all the possible mystery that’s there.

our mission

we ensure to provide you with the right and enough information about the topics that we cover. 

knowledge has no end 

And so we ensure in keeping you updated throughout this journey through the mysteries of space. 

who are we?

we are a team of undergraduates, curious about the cosmos. So one day we just sit and chat about different things. And we decide to chose have a website where we will write about a topic that is liked by the team. Of course astronomy that is. 

What we provide you

the articles that our team writes will provide genuine information covering all the general and some special topics relating to space and astronomy.